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Padova, Ottobre 2014

Tecniche di isolamento e coltura di cellule staminali mesenchimali.

POR FERS Regione VenetoNel mese di Ottobre 2014 Cutech ha concluso il programma di ricerca dal titolo:
Messa a punto di tecniche di isolamento e coltura di cellule staminali mesenchimali, caratterizzazione delle stesse e studio di markers indicatori dei processi di "ageing”.

Il progetto è stato cofinanziato nell’ambito del POR CRO parte FESR Azione 1.1.3. “Contributi per l'utilizzo da parte delle imprese di strutture qualificate per l'attività di ricerca” attraverso la Regione Veneto.

Paris, April 18th 2013

'SymHair® Force' an anti hair loss product from microalgae, has received the Best ingredient Award in silver at InCosmetics 2013

In 2008, Symrise have partnered with Cutech to develop cosmetic active ingredients based on microalgae. Symrise is a global supplier of fragrances, flavouring, cosmetic active ingredients and raw materials as well as functional ingredients.
This pioneer project has now brought to the launch of the first two products, that have been introduced to the customers at InCosmetics 2013 in Paris: SymHair® Force 1631 (an anti-hair loss active) and SymBronze® 1659 (a skin tanner).
SymHair® Force 1631 has received the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award in Silver among more than 70 products
This prestigious award gives credit to the spirit of innovation that animates both companies.

October 15th-18th, 2012
27th IFSCC Congress, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Microalgae derived extract with promising anti-hair loss potential.
M. Hermann (a), Lorenzo Zanella (b), Paolo Pertile (b), S. Gaebler (a), H. Joppe (a), G. Vielhaber (a), G. Schmaus (a)
(a) Symrise GmbH & Co. KG, Mühlenfeldstraße 1, 37603 Holzminden, Germany 
(b) Cutech srl, via San Marco 9M, 35129 Padova, Italy

Healthy and full human scalp hair is seen as a symbol of vitality and youth. However, thinning hair e.g. due to aging and hair loss is widely spread and causes serious distress of the persons concerned. Today, there is no cosmetic ingredient commercially available which effectively inhibits hair loss. In the course of our extensive screening for a new hair shaft elongating agent with focus on microalgae extracts, we discovered the methanol extract (BIO1631) of the marine water microalgae Isochrysis sp., Tahitian strain (T-Iso) to be highly effective already at very low concentrations. The extract exhibited an average increase in hair shaft elongation of 13% at 0.004 ppm in vitro using micro-dissected human scalp hair follicles and of 42% at 40 ppm ex vivo using human scalp skin. Mechanistic studies showed that BIO1631 increases the percentage of hair follicles in the anagen phase by reducing apoptosis of hair follicle cells in the bulb region. Taken together, this extract is a highly promising candidate for the development of an anti-hair loss cosmetic active.

March 28th, 2012

3D Cell Culture symposium. Zurich, 14th-16th March 2012

Meyer, Imke (a), Marco Massironi (b), Gabriele Vielhaber (c), Paolo Pertile (d), Michele Massironi (d)

(a) Symrise GmbH & Co. KG, Mühlenfeldstraße 1, 37603 Holzminden, Germany
(b) SCoutech/Cutech srl, via San Marco 9M, 35129 Padova, Italy
(c) Symrise SA, rue Mozart 15, 92110 Clichy, France
(d) Cutech srl, via San Marco 9M, 35129 Padova, Italy

The demand for innovative in vitro screening tools for cosmetic actives is increasing. The possibility of providing preclinical information in connection to both the bioavailability and the long-term effect of an active ingredient is of pivotal importance in order to save money and speed up the development process.
Models targeting the epidermis and the dermis are available on the market. However, there is an unmet need for a model targeting the subcutaneous tissue, which is required for the proof of efficacy of anti-cellulite actives.
Therefore we developed an ex vivo excised porcine full skin model that, by including the subcutaneous tissue, is an appropriate model to gain information on the lipolytic effect of an active ingredient as well as to assess the modulation of adipocytes size by lipolytic as well as adipogenic compounds.
The developed ex vivo model is the ideal tool to study the effect of topically applied finished formulations targeting cellulite.
It allows to evaluate the effect of ingredients including optimisation of formulations regarding bioavailability as well as adaptation of effective concentrations in a preclinical status without previous toxicological requirements.

September 26, 2011

New test methods for cosmetic ingredients:

- European patent granted
- Joint development by Symrise and Cutech
- Efficient preclinical testing method

Symrise and Cutech have jointly developed an ex vivo real skin model that provides conclusive information on the efficacy of, for example, anti-aging products. The model bridges the gap between in vitro and in vivo testing. Symrise and Cutech have now received a European patent for it.

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September 21, 2011
IPCC 2011 - Skin and Other Pigmenta Cells: Bridging Clinical Medicine & Science (September 21-24, 2011. Bordeaux, France.)

New index as melanin-pigmented skin marker

Sara Cardillo (a), Marco Massironi (b), Giovanni Miotto (a), Carlo A. Pallaoro (c), Marielle Le Maire (d), Fabio Vianello (a)

(a) Department of Biological Chemistry, University of Padua, Italy;
(b) Cutech srl, Padua, Italy;
(c) Pallaoro Medical Laser, Padua, Italy;
(d) Symrise SA, Clichy, France

June 9, 2011
Bologna, 9 Giugno 2011

"L'ingresso di un partner finanziario o industriale. Un'opportunità di crescita nelle imprese familiari e in sviluppo"
Evento organizzato da Marco Polo Advisor, Bologna, Italy

Paolo Pertile, Cutech Srl, Intervento in Sessione II

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Barcelona, February 22, 2011
Valencia, February 23, 2011
Sociedad Española de Químicos Cosméticos

"Ex-Vivo Models: A Powerful Tool for Testing the Efficacy of Cosmetic Ingredients"

Paolo Pertile, Cutech Srl

Press release March 03, 2010

Cutech has moved into its new seat.

On March 3rd we have moved to our new seat. With the new location we will have offices we can actually fit into and enough space to triple the laboratory.
We would like to express gratitude to our architect, Alessandro de Paoli, that has built such a nice yet efficient structure and to the old seat, that has witnessed so many events.

The Cutech Team

December 3, 2009
Societe Francaise De Cosmetologie
Paris, France

Seminar: Preclinical Efficay: Testing and Claim Support
"Actualités et Futur : Phytomolécules Actives - De L'Origine A L'Usage"

Paolo Pertile, Cutech Srl

Munich, April 24, 2009
Cosmetic Science Conference
InCosmetics 2009

"A Novel Ex Vivo Pig Skin Model for Efficay and Safety Testing"

Paolo Pertile, Cutech Srl

Press release October 14, 2008

Symrise and Cutech win the HBA Best New Technology Award

(Holzminden) A full-thickness skin model developed by Symrise and Cutech Srl. received the "Best New Technology Award" at the 2008 HBA Industry Awards. The PSOCM (pig skin organ culture model) provides an ideal representation of the natural structure of the skin, making it an outstanding alternative both to animal testing and to artificial skin models.

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June 26 to 27, 2008
5th Annual Cosmeceuticals - New York, NY

"Porcine Skin Organ Culture Model"

Paolo Pertile, Cutech Srl

Press release June 26, 2008
Il Padova magazine

Pelle umana, ma artificiale.

Viene creata, insieme ai follicoli piliferi, da Cutech biotechnology srl allo scopo di testare farmaci o cosmetici. Si evita così l'utilizzo di animali da laboratorio.

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Press release April 21, 2008

Symrise and Cutech launch SCoutech

Holzminden/Padua – Joint venture provides high-tech screening services for the personal care, nutraceuticals and pharma industries. Symrise GmbH Co. KG and the Italian biotech company Cutech Srl have founded a highly specialized biotechnology joint venture called SCoutech as of April 1st, 2008. SCoutech offers screening services for cosmetic raw materials, cosmetic formulations, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Using cell and tissue-based screening assays, SCoutech supports the development of effective products for skin and hair care.

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Press release May 24, 2007

Symrise and Italian biotech company Cutech to form a strategic partnership

(Holzminden) As of January 2007, a strategic partnership has been formed between Symrise, the world's fourth-largest supplier of fragrances, flavors and cosmetic active ingredients, and the Italian biotech company Cutech Srl in Padua, Italy. The focus of their partnership will be on developing innovative cosmetic active ingredients based on microalgae.

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